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Guia - Guide Buenos Aires

Personal Shopper service is provided in the city of Buenos Aires as in any big city in the world.

Such tracks into groups by the most prominent of the city according to the particular interest of the tourist purchase. The guides provide advice and security when making purchases.

Circuitos de Compras
D Shoppers
Dress Code
FG Studio
Graciela Bertossi Asesoramiento Imagen
Tel: (011) 1560949917
Grupo Imagen
Uruguay 880 1º piso.
Tel: (011) 4813-0486
Personal Shopper BA
Romina Barak Asesoría de Imagen
Tel: (011) 4896-2900
Styletto Image Studio
Tel: (011) 5941 9637
SY Image Consulting
Pasaje Carabelas y Juan D. Perón.
Tel: (011) 15-3081-2660
Tu circuito de compras
Paraná 457.
Tel: (011) 4245-7937
Verónica Corraro


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